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Hello everyone!

I've been keeping it a bit under wraps, but my next book is finally out! It's exciting. If people like it, I'll definitely continue the series. But as it stands, it's a perfectly complete story: both romance and mystery.

I think it's my most unique book yet. There's lots of cyberpunk, VR gaming, noir detective stuff, and, of course, steamy romance between the police chief and private investigator.

Here it is:

Second Chances are Rare

And Henry Gallagher somehow got two.

Henry used to be the best detective out there. Now he's all washed up after a horrible incident with some people he was investigating.

When the top player of an online game is killed right before the big money tournament, Henry gets one more chance to solve a case and make a comeback.

Oh, yeah. And the sexy police chief was an old fling, but it's unclear if they're enemies, friends, or lovers as they both work to solve the case.

Problem: Henry has never played the game.

And worse: the person that hires him is the prime suspect, the new top player. Henry can't shake the feeling she's as good at playing him as she is at playing the game.

This hot new MM romance has it all.

- Fresh, comedic cyberpunk setting. - Light bondage and dominance play. - Classic noir detective. - Second chances. - MM pairing.

Get it by clicking here.

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