The Staff of Dagda is Out!

Irish Dream Hunks, Book 3 releases tomorrow!

You can pre-order it now if you want. It will be in Kindle Unlimited upon release.

Thank you all for the support.

Romance, Fairies, and Celtic Mythology

Rocco is an art historian, and he travels to Ireland to examine an ancient Celtic cave painting. Cáel is the politician that funded the trip.

Rocco is a disheveled academic. Cáel only cares about how others perceive him.

Good thing Rocco loves art, because Cáel appears to be a work of perfection. When Cáel shows up to the cave for a publicity stunt, Rocco is infuriated. But they have a connection neither can ignore.

If you love mm romance, fairies, and Celtic mythology, you'll love this book.

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