The Harp of Dunnbog Cover Reveal

It's that time again! My next book is the first in a series set in beautiful Ireland, and I have the cover for you. The planned release is early February. I won't be doing a big pre-order like usual, because I don't think that actually helps sales. It might even hurt the ranking, because Kindle Unlimited users don't download until the official release.

Martin has just gone through a bad breakup, and he throws himself into a research trip in another country: Ireland. He is there to study ancient folktales through an archaeological site, but he accidentally awakens a spirit trapped there.

Meanwhile, Martin starts to fall for the local baker: Sean. This is not on his agenda. He wants to rid himself of any relationship drama for the duration of the trip. But he just can't help himself. Maybe the awakened spirit has something to do with it. Maybe the song played by Sean on his grandmother's harp was magic. Maybe they're just made for each other.

This book is paranormal m/m more than Merlin's Grove, which I think had more fantasy elements to it. It still has a lot in common, and anyone that enjoyed that series should love this one.

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