The Enchanted Triangle (Merlin's Grove Book 3)

Since The Enchanted Triangle has gone up for pre-order, I thought I better get some more information out there about it and my process.

A young hot-headed guy, an older cool man, and a mage walk into a bar.

No joke. This actually happens, and all Alex can think is that he was in the wrong place at the right time.

Now Dan thinks Alex is his blind date, but he's not.

The mage has come to destroy the Enchanted Triangle, and worse, he thinks Alex is his enemy.

Will Alex be able to figure out what's going on and save Merlin's Grove before it's too late?

That's my pitch in its current form. This is probably the most traditional category romance I've written. It draws from the "mistaken identity" trope, but it does it in an m/m romance way. I'm still convinced this is how to make the most satisfying m/m romance. This modern trend of throwing out a century of proper story structure so that the two men have no conflict is terrible in my opinion.

I won't say much more about that. As far as the magic is concerned, this book digs in deep. It's the first in the series where someone actually learns how the magic system works and trains to use it to defeat the bad guys.

I'm pretty excited about finally having this revealed. The magic system is interesting and unique with some complicated aspects to it. It's not just say some Latin words with a stick in your hand.

But it also means I'm probably done with having all the books be standalone. Book 4, if/when I write it, will probably start to cycle back to the Ben/Rudy story and will assume people understand the magic system in Book 3.

This will be good for the series, because it's getting kind of ridiculous that this tiny, rural Connecticut town has three prominent gay couples that all the magic happens to. Unfortunately, it probably won't be good for marketing and sales of the books, though.

I've decided I can't really worry about that. I've kind of fallen in love with writing about this town, which is quite similar to where I live in real life (except for the magic ... I think).

So that's what I've been working on. Go pick it up now if this sounds interesting!

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