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Old News:

I've been a bit quiet lately in internet land. I've been recovering from a bad case of laryngitis for about a week and a half. I've almost completely lost my voice. I was supposed to run a half-marathon this weekend, but I was still to sick to do it. That was unfortunate since I had been training for 3-4 months leading up to it. I had a good time visiting my family, and my brother did the full marathon.

The new book was put on hold briefly as I dealt with alpha reader comments for a fantasy novel I wrote under my real name. This week I return to getting that first draft done. I still have no title for it, but I usually don't until something jumps out as truly significant in revisions.

New News:

The cover art and line edits are done for Stand in Need of Comfort:

I haven't gotten galleys or a set release date, but I expect it will come out in the next few weeks. So that's exciting! Although I'm consciously moving away from this style in tone to something a bit lighter, I'm still really proud of this one.

There are a few gay Mormon movies and books such as The Falls and Latter Days. I love these but felt there was something missing in this very niche subgenre. These are classic sexual awakening stories. The naive and innocent missionary, who maybe doesn't know he's gay, is seduced by the gay guy.

My story starts in a very different place. Two Mormon men fully understand and accept that they're gay, but they've decided not to act on it. I did a ton of research for the book and use real justification for this. The conflict comes when the main character starts to fall for another member of the support group who has vowed to help not act on it.

Unlike other works with similar sounding premises, this book attempts to really get inside the mind of the main character in a realistic way. The concept of reconciling faith and sexuality is probably familiar to most of us gay men. This book allowed me to explore this idea in a unique way.

Anyway, I might post more on this as the release approaches.

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