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Second Chances are Rare

And Henry Gallagher somehow got two.


Henry used to be the best detective out there. Now he's all washed up after a horrible incident with some people he was investigating.


When the top player of an online game is killed right before the big money tournament, Henry gets one more chance to solve a case and make a comeback.


Oh, yeah. And the sexy police chief was an old fling, but it's unclear if they're enemies, friends, or lovers as they both work to solve the case.

The Games We Play

When Prince Elashor's brother is stolen by bandits, and his father, the king, won't pay the ransom, Elashor decides to set off on the rescue himself.


Problem: Elashor has been sheltered in the palace his whole life, so he doesn't know the first thing about surviving in the real world. Luckily, an attractive peasant gives him a lift along the way.


Strange things start to happen. The peasant may not be an ordinary man. He may be part of the Glyphaery, a group of magical beings the king is trying to stamp out.

Prince Elashor


Rocco is an art historian, and he travels to Ireland to examine an ancient Celtic cave painting. Cáel is the politician that funded the trip.


Rocco is a disheveled academic. Cáel only cares about how others perceive him.


Good thing Rocco loves art, because Cáel appears to be a work of perfection. When Cáel shows up to the cave for a publicity stunt, Rocco is infuriated. But they have a connection neither can ignore.


If you love mm romance, fairies, and Celtic mythology, you'll love this book.

The Staff of Dagda


Martin awakens an Irish spirit.


Now it wants to possess someone.


This is more than he bargained for when embarking on a research trip to Ireland. All he wanted was to forget about his recent failed marriage.


Martin starts to fall for the local baker: Sean. This is not on his agenda. He wants to rid himself of any relationship drama for the duration of the trip. But he just can't help himself.


Maybe the awakened spirit has something to do with it. Maybe the song played by Sean on his grandmother's harp was magic. Maybe they're just made for each other.


If you love seductive paranormal m/m romances, scenic Ireland, and magic, you'll love The Harp of Dunnbog.

The Harp of Dunnbog

The Overlook (1).jpg

Hunter wrecked havoc on his life.


And it was all due to a bet.

A shy math geek just wandered into Merlin's Grove's only gay bar. Hunter, who's used to getting what he wants with his epic body, bets he can land the guy within three dates. 

But this is Merlin's Grove, where not everything is as it seems. Hunter accidentally summons a dryad from the Enchanted Triangle for help. She will stop at nothing to make sure they end up together. 

Pick up this standalone novel in the Merlin's Grove series for a breathtaking tale of magic, small-town m/m romance, and humor.

The Track Coach


What if the one you desired most was dedicated to controlling that desire?

Nathan, a lifelong and committed Mormon, is the only unmarried member of his same-sex attraction support group.


As his feelings for one of the married men grows stronger, it gets harder to keep his commitment to live in an opposite-sex relationship.

Stand in Need of Comfort

The Elf incident.png

Holiday cheer has come to Merlin's Grove.


So has a Christmas elf from the Enchanted Triangle.


Will Ben, Alex, and Dan be able to stop the magical being before his gag gifts ruin Christmas for the town?


This is a standalone Christmas special featuring the gay couples and town you've come to love.

The Incident of the Christmas Elf

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Oren had it all going on. He was set for a full-ride gymnastics scholarship until a tragic accident took his leg.


Now he's trapped in a small tourist Maine town, and he hates the world.


Steve wanted to be an artist, but he never got his lucky break. After the unexpected death of his wife, he just lives day-to-day.


These two men, struck by tragedy, form an unlikely bond.


In the Azure Noon is an uplifting story about the power of love to raise us out of our darkest moments and become more than we thought we could be.

In the Azure Noon

Second Version.jpg

Elder Ardryl is a steady, protective man. He's been the elder and healer of Foxwell Canyon for years.


When Myles, a traveling merchant, comes to town, he's caught off guard by the independent and silly man.


Their personalities might conflict, but their passion is strong.


They don't know how to continue this passion while Ardryl teaches two budding Glyphaery the ways of nature's magic.


Florian and Vil undergo the rigorous lessons to learn how to turn glyphs into spells. Find out the backstory to the main characters from Book 1.

Elder Ardryl


Can a mythological creature commit murder?

Jeff felt like a nobody. He still lived with his parents in the small midwestern town in which he was born.

When he gets accepted to do research under the supervision of his idol, Martin, he jumps at the opportunity.

But the small Irish town wants nothing to do with him. A murder has just occurred, and they're rightly suspicious of outsiders. To make matters worse, Jeff and Martin believe a mythological creature, the kelpie, has committed the crime.

Padraig is local newspaper reporter. He despises Jeff, but their flirtatious arguments turns to passion in the bedroom.

The Kelpie of Glansagart is equal parts steamy m/m romance, murder mystery, and discovery of Celtic mythology.

The Kelpie of Glansagart

The Overlook (2).jpg

A young hot-headed guy, an older cool man, and a mage walk into a bar.


No joke. This actually happens, and all Alex can think is that he was in the wrong place at the right time.


Now Dan thinks Alex is his blind date, but he's not.


The mage has come to destroy the Enchanted Triangle, and worse, he thinks Alex is his enemy.


Will Alex be able to figure out what's going on and save Merlin's Grove before it's too late?


Welcome to Merlin's Grove, where not everything is as it seems.


If you love category romances, quirky characters, and fantasy, you'll love The Enchanted Triangle.

The Enchanted Triangle


Imagine a heartwarming love story.


Ben has done this his whole life, but now two irresistible men drive him wild at the same time!


The dreamy doctor is kind and stable and just what he's always wanted.


The mysterious stranger disgusts and tantalizes him.


On top of it all, the stranger has set the town's ancient magic in motion, and Ben's dream of opening a gay bar meets with resistance from the town board.


Why is everything falling apart?


Welcome to Merlin's Grove, where not everything is as it seems.


If you love seductive m/m romances, hilarious small-towns, and magic, you'll love The Overlook.

The Overlook

Uniformed Fantasies Final Front Cover 5

A state trooper breaks the law when he indulges people's uniform fantasies for pay.

Mike hires state trooper Tom to fulfill his uniform fantasy. By chance, they meet each other in a diner and begin a relationship.


Mike struggles with Tom having sex with other people for money, and they learn to understand the difference between lust and love as their relationship matures.

Uniform Fantasies


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